For the last couple of days whenever I try to access I end up landing at
Now nothing is wrong at my end, I have checked this from different ISPs and different computers. claims to be part of Jobserve network but I am having the feeling that this is some kind of hijacking on the jobserve site/domain and users are maliciously being redirected to where precious personal data of innocent visitors will be harvested.

I have tried to search the web to find any relevant information but seems like no one is talking about it. Some points that make me suspicious about all this are

1) There is no mention that you can logon with the same credentials as you did at , if it really belongs to jobserve then they would have definitely migrated the account database base to their new site.

2) There is no physical contact address or phone number given on the website

3) The ‘Employer’ link on the main page is takes you to yet another website which is very poorly designed Thai site and clearly shows unprofessional approach

4) Domain is registered somewhere in Thailand and have different registrant data from

5) Their search is broken, whatever you search for results is same list of jobs

6) Jobserve was not limited to IT only jobs, why will they force all their users to land on a IT jobs site ?

Can anyone confirm about the real status of ?

UPDATE: If you try to access from your mobile device then it does not redirect to the website


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  1. Even I have encountered the same issue and posted this issue in couple of tech sites. I have tried accessing jobserve using and freegate software but still it didnt work out.

    Indiajobit seems to be a fake one. It won’t be part of jobserve group. I have tried login to indiajobsit with jobserve credentials but it didnt the solution incase you find out one.

  2. I also tried a couple of proxies and none of them worked, however I am facing no problem in connecting to Jobserve from my corporate vpn

    You also need to change the password of your Jobserve account asap, as you have effectively given indiajobsit access to your real jobserve account

  3. Why we haven’t heard anything from the original owners of

  4. how should i change the jobserve password when i dont get the access to their site..i dont have any option for vpn connection..unfortunatley my office blocks jobsites 🙁

  5. @SSR
    Ok I found a working proxy server

    Address =
    Port = 3128

    It is slow at times but does work.
    You can try more from

  6. IT Worker @ 2008-11-12 19:07

    This could be an attempt to block Indian applicants to protect British workers. Not unreasonable but unfair to those who were invited by British govt. to work in UK.

  7. Hi, Any solution to this problem.

  8. I have the same problem, and believe that it is not normal.
    i went to jobserve event or jobservelive, and each time i select jobs, i go to the other link.

    what can we do?

  9. we are having the same problem from Bangladesh, have anyone found a way how to overcome this problem?

  10. Any one found solution to this problem.

  11. Company VPN suppressed that evil redirection but dunno how !! I use google/yahoo search when in public net and use the “cache” link provided which directly opens the job-listing page in jobserve.

  12. Any one found solution for this problem.

  13. I am using jobserve from last 5 years. I just come from mexico it was working fine there. I really surprised , I can not open job serve here. Its strange. Now what do … ????

  14. @Palash when connected to vpn all your traffic gets proxied by the VPN , and the vpn is most likely to have some US/European IP assigned which is safe from Jobserve redirect

  15. @Nikul Your best bet is to try proxy sites or using the mobile version of job serve on your cellphone, no other solution exists

  16. Try Proxy Sites like
    Most of the features of Jobserve are working except the “Save” and “Save As Search” as they are Java Scripted…

    Hope it will help!

  17. HariKrishna @ 2008-12-23 16:58

    Hi Saqib,
    thanks man.your solution helped to access jobserve site

  18. Hello,

    You can use also JAP (

  19. Hello,
    You can also use JAP (

  20. I also tried and get the result same..
    From other country Indonesia/malaysia/UK/US it is Ok.

    Naresh A

  21. Yes, the redirect to is only from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and I guess other countries of South Asia

  22. raj hsmp @ 2009-02-04 15:06

    hey .. I checked the above proxies for but thy seem to not give much easy access .. check this one

  23. spysurfing is working fine…thanks raj

  24. Hi ..raj

    spysurfing is working fine….

    Thanks for solution …

  25. Hi Guys,

    Are you able to access the site from india, I am still not able to acces this site from india,
    Kindly share the procedure, how to acces this site from India,

  26. Hi all,

    Please use this solution, if followed 100% you should be able to access

    To enable your web browser to be taken to the JobServe address that you require, instead of being forwarded to you will need to follow this 5 step guide (written for Internet Explorer 7 users, other versions may vary slightly).
    If followed correctly these changes will only need to be done once, you will then be able to visit the JobServe website in the normal way.

    1. Adding JobServe to your “Trusted Sites”
    a. Within Internet Explorer, click the “Tools > Internet Options” menu.
    b. Click the “Security” tab along the top of the window
    c. Select the “Trusted Sites” icon.
    d. Followed by the “Sites” button.
    e. Manually enter the following JobServe web addresses into the box, each followed by clicking the “Add” button.
    f. Once the four web addresses have been added and shown within the “Trusted Sites” list, click on the close button to take you back to the Internet Options window.

    2. Configure your Internet browser to accept JobServe ‘cookies’
    a. Click the “Privacy” tab.
    b. Click the “Sites” button, to view the “Per Site Privacy Actions” window.
    c. Once again, manually enter the above JobServe web addresses into the box, each followed by clicking the “Allow” button.
    d. Once the four web addresses are added and shown within the “Managed websites” list, you can click on the “OK” button to take you back to the Internet Options window.

    3. Configure your Internet browser to accept Internet ’cookies’
    a. Whilst within the “Privacy” tab on the Internet Options window, click on the “Advanced” button.
    b. Ensure that all of the options and tick boxes are configured matching the screen on the right side.
    i. Override automatic cookie handling (ticked)
    ii. First-party cookies (accept)
    iii. Third-party cookies (accept)
    iv. Always allow session cookies (ticked)
    c. Click “OK” to accept these settings, followed by “OK” once again to confirm your changes (closing the Internet Options window).

    4. Clearing your Temporary Internet files and Cookies
    a. You will need to clear your temporary Internet files and Cookies, by clicking the menu “Tools > Delete Browsing History” followed by the “Delete all” button.
    b. Close all browser windows after you have done this.
    c. Restart your web browser.

    5. The final step
    a. Re-open an Internet Explorer window, and MANUALLY type in the link or if the first link does not redirect you (do not copy and paste or click this link as it will not work).
    b. This will then redirect you through to JobServe as you require.

  27. Thanks @Nick
    The method works flawlessly 🙂

  28. Great job Nick,
    at least au working in my IE6 after long time.

  29. Dear Nick,
    Can u have little bit explanation of ur procedure? What is/was problem and ur way of remedy? thanks

  30. This technique also does not work for me. I am on IE8 though.

  31. Pir Rokhan @ 2010-09-08 12:29

    This is the most riidiculous corporate decision Jobserve has ever taken. The Indian version of jobserve has a lot of idiotic things which no sane person would even like to think of.

    I would highly recommend

    1) revert the decision or
    2) either to have a seperate site for Pakistan or
    3) atleast make the Indian one more reasonable with less mandatory fields in the resume update and searching options.

    Thank you.

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