For the last couple of days whenever I try to access I end up landing at
Now nothing is wrong at my end, I have checked this from different ISPs and different computers. claims to be part of Jobserve network but I am having the feeling that this is some kind of hijacking on the jobserve site/domain and users are maliciously being redirected to where precious personal data of innocent visitors will be harvested.

I have tried to search the web to find any relevant information but seems like no one is talking about it. Some points that make me suspicious about all this are

1) There is no mention that you can logon with the same credentials as you did at , if it really belongs to jobserve then they would have definitely migrated the account database base to their new site.

2) There is no physical contact address or phone number given on the website

3) The ‘Employer’ link on the main page is takes you to yet another website which is very poorly designed Thai site and clearly shows unprofessional approach

4) Domain is registered somewhere in Thailand and have different registrant data from

5) Their search is broken, whatever you search for results is same list of jobs

6) Jobserve was not limited to IT only jobs, why will they force all their users to land on a IT jobs site ?

Can anyone confirm about the real status of ?

UPDATE: If you try to access from your mobile device then it does not redirect to the website

I noticed it yesterday that now Gmail is showing the details of IP addresses which have logged into a Gmail account at the footer of account pages. Information of both the IP address and time when logon from that address was done is available; in total, I guess, details of last 5 logons are present.

This is a very welcome addition and will help the user to identify any malicious activity on their accounts. I will be even better if they can also add information about any failed login attempts to the account.

Well its not really ‘Network Cache’, it is

    ARP cache


Sometimes if you quickly switch network connections than ARP cache can become corrupt and you are left with no connectivity with systems on you network and internet.

Instead if rebooting the computer you can also refresh the arp cache from cmd line by issuing the command ‘arp –d’ in a dos window and you will be all set

I had this habit of taking small notes in notepad files and that was a real mess to manage. Whenever the information was required I was unable to find it because of the large number of similar files roaming in the hard disk. However, now I use evernote , it’s a real good and handy application to make and store notes.

It also supports synchronizing data with multiple machines, so even if you lose your computer you can still recover you important notes.
Notes can be stored in different categories and the best thing about all this is that evernote is free.