I was just searching for a browser for Motorola Moto Q 8 mobile phone and haven’t had any success in finding any alternative to the Internet Explorer that comes bundled with it Windows Mobile OS.

Internet Explorer which has been packed with Q8 is much inferior to the browser that comes with the Nokia symbian mobile phones, the rendering capability of the browser is very poor and it can’t even display simplest of pages in right form, another problem is its slow response time and difficulty in navigation , Unlike Symbian there is no option of pointer than can be controlled by joystick and functions as a mouse, ability to open more than one browser window is also missing. I checked with windows update and this is the latest version of IE for Windows Mobile so I believe that things in Moto Q 9 are also the same.

I downloaded and installed Opera at Moto Q but it also failed to load, I believe that was built for some other version of the Windows Mobile.


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