I by mistake enabled HP credential manager to load at Windows start up and ask for finger prints to logon and it took me good 15 minutes to figure out the way to disable it back

You can disable the HP credential manager by going to Control panel -> HP Protect Tools Security Manager -> Credential Manager > Settings

If you are not already logged in Credential manager than you will need to login otherwise the setting won’t be visible

There is a check box under “Select the way Users logon to Windows (required restart) saying “Use credential manager with Classis login prompt”

Uncheck this box and hp credential manager won’t load with Windows

My desktop power supply was get extremely hot (I think I have more load connected to the cpu than than power supply can provide) on and off resulting in system shutdown and now system fails to power on completely

There is power in the Motherboard when you push the power button but no display comes on the screen, the fan of power supply is also dead and rotating very slowly, seems like it is time of spend some cash on a good branded power supply

So Just after a month of use the hard drive of the laptop hp 6910p got fried away, now I wonder if this is usual with HP laptops or am I the rare unfortunate person to face this dilemma ?
Anyway I have returned the laptop for repair in warranty and that was about three weeks ago , I am still waiting for the machine to be back!