Today I got TP LINK TD-W8910G Wireless ADSL2+ router, actually I only required a Wireless router as I already have 2 ADSL modems available but just to save some space and clutter of powers cables I decided to buy new combo which serves both purposes of ADSL modem and wireless router.

Its setup was easy and very quick; I got it working within a few minutes with my laptop and desktop system. I have not yet tested it thoroughly but both DSL and Wireless are working smoothly, Wireless range covers all the rooms without any significant loss in signal strength. I have also configured the DSL account in its settings so now I don’t have to dial a PPPoE connection every time to connect the ADSL

TP Link has very cheap products as compared to linksys or netgear products but I think that its products are trustworthy and do not lag behind others in any way regarding quality and performance.


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