Today I got TP LINK TD-W8910G Wireless ADSL2+ router, actually I only required a Wireless router as I already have 2 ADSL modems available but just to save some space and clutter of powers cables I decided to buy new combo which serves both purposes of ADSL modem and wireless router.

Its setup was easy and very quick; I got it working within a few minutes with my laptop and desktop system. I have not yet tested it thoroughly but both DSL and Wireless are working smoothly, Wireless range covers all the rooms without any significant loss in signal strength. I have also configured the DSL account in its settings so now I don’t have to dial a PPPoE connection every time to connect the ADSL

TP Link has very cheap products as compared to linksys or netgear products but I think that its products are trustworthy and do not lag behind others in any way regarding quality and performance.

I have been using hp Compaq 6910p for about 2 weeks now and have been overall satisfied by the performance of this notebook. It is strong in memory, storage space and processor power with 2GB RAM,, 120 GB hard drive and a 2 GHz core 2 duo intel processor.

I just wish it had a bit bigger display , 14 inches feels too small , apart from this the 6910p does not lag in anything.
The battery is also good and easily lasts about 2.5 hours.
It gives you have many options of connecting and inter networking as it has a dialup modem, lan card, Bluetooth and wireless .

I still have not been able to get the finger print reader working as I keep on getting the message of low quality image, although I don’t use the pointing stick but it was a bit shaky and rubber feel off just after 3 days of use.

If you are thinking about buying this laptop than I would say that it is a good choice , specially if you are just going to use it for business purposes with lots of traveling.

My bad luck with virus continues and I don’t know from where the vundrop worm creeped into my computer, corrupting my networks connections and making the system extremely slow.

Like always the system restore failed to do any good and after many reboots finally avast was able to run in safe mode and detect one instance of win32 vundrop in memory which had handicapped the windows

I don’t think that this vundrop virus is same as vundo trojan as some people have suggested at various websites because according to Mcafee and Symantec the vundo trojan is an old adware program discovered in 2004 which displays random popup ads but in my case the virus had disabled all the networking connections and even the explorer.exe failed to load many times