I was tempted by MSN Skydrive as it promised to offer 5GB of free online storage and sharing for files, It seemed a good deal for backing up important documents and files online but as I signed up for the service I was greeted with the message “Sorry, this service isn’t available yet in your region find out when it will be available in your region, visit the team blog”
Their blog states that plan to include more countries next year.

I wonder why they emailed me with the promotion when they are not even offering it in my country! and when the rapid expansion to their service is also going to take one year

I never noticed that there was a BIOS setup password implanted in my HP desktop pc until I tried to enter BIOS to configure an old hard disk.
To remove the password I tried the old trick of removing the CMOS battery cell but that didn’t help, computer lost it time and date but the BIOS password remained there.
However I was able to remove the password by removing the jumper from small pins present near the CMOS cell.
I am not sure if this is a HP specific thing or do the other manufacturer’s also make use of such jumpers

It took me a couple of minutes to figure out the syntax for command to copy files from the current folder in linux to the directory or folder one level up, so here is it

cp -r . ../