As I mentioned a few posts ago that I got a new WD 250GB disk, I installed it and everything was working fine until I decided to run Partition Magic , when it started it gave some message that the partition table is corrupt and has been corrected.

And that was the last time that I saw my Windows run , when I reboot I got a bad boot disk message , I decided to do a new installation and the 1st partition of my old 80GB segate disk was appearing as unrecognized partition, so I decided to delete it and with that all the partitions on my segate disk got lost and the whole disk started to appear as unformatted space and I had to do a installation on the 2nd WD Disk

The disk had a lot of very important data and I could not afford to lose all of that.
In windows ‘disk management’ the segate disk was still appearing as a unformatted disk of 80GB and none of its partition was available

While searching for tools that could recover my lost data and partition table I tried many software’s including the ‘partition table doctor’ but all of them failed to give the desired results.
The partition table doctor was extremely slow and took hours to scan the disk and even than it was unable to recover all the data, instead it just kept on recovering the files that I had already deleted myself.

I thought that these disk tools will be able to just rebuild the partition table and recovery as such would not be required but that was not the case.

I had an old disk of Ontrack data recovery available that was about 4 years old , I also gave Ontrack a try and was surprised to see that it was able to recover all of the data from all the partitions ( including FAT and NTFS) and it also worked pretty quickly and completed scanning in minutes, all the time used was that for the copying of data to the healthy disk

I had used Ontrack in past to recover files that I sometimes accidentally deleted but I had no idea that it could also help to recover the whole partitions along with their file structure.

If you have any questions or confusions than do comment and I will try to explain in a better way 🙂


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