I had a 80GB Seagate SATA 2 drive with 8MB cache, I thought that it would be more than enough when I bought it about 2 years ago , however due to downloading junk stuff from torrents and lots of Linux ISOs my Seagate drive had filled to capacity and I yesterday bought a new Western Digital 250GB SATA drive with 16MB cache . Before buying I had done a lot of research that hard drive from which vendor is better and after going through numerous forums, message boards and articles I came to the conclusion to buy a Western Digital drive instead of Seagate.
Opinions @internet regarding the performance of hard drives of these two companies are almost evenly poised with people giving a slight edge to Western Digital in reliability, Maxtor had really bad reviews.

So If you are looking to buy a new hard disk than I would suggest that you go for a WD hard drive, the prices for the two are almost same.

TIP: Also make sure that you have free SATA power cable in your PSU available otherwise also order the
SATA power cable along with the hard drive 🙂


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