It has been a few months since my old Kingston 128MB USB drive finally gave up, leaving me without any portable way of transferring data till I found that that my nokia mobile phone , having a microSD card ,could also act as a full-fledged USB or memory drive.
I have a Nokia 5700 Mobile loaded Symbian S60 that also came with a 1GB microSD card.

When you connect the mobile via the USB cable to the computer than a prompt pop’s up at the Mobile screen asking the mode than you want to use and here if you select the “Music or Data Transfer “mode than your mobile’s memory card is detected by the computer as a regular Thumb or USB stick appearing as a removable disk in “My Computer” supporting all the function of normal memory sticks, however you will notice that the data transfer from this card is pretty slow as compared to the regular USB sticks, specially the part of writing onto the card ( May be this setup is not USB 2.0 Compliment ??)

Your Mobile keeps functioning as usual with just one limitation that during the connection with computer you cannot access the things that you have stored in the memory card from the mobile phone itself.
The Mobile Memory card already has a folder structure however you can store just about any file at any place in the memory card (as long as the space permits you) and it wont have any issues when you use the card in normal mode via the mobile, just don’t store any viruses 🙂
This would also work with other Models of Nokia having similar OS ( Symbian S60 in my case) and having a micro card.


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