Once you open the music player than even after you stop playing the music the Music player in Nokia 5700 keeps on running in the background and hogging the memory (you can check this by holding-on to the menu button and it will show the music player as a running application)

The option of exiting the music player is hidden deep behind the menus (and no rational person can find it )

So here is the procedure of shutting down the music player in Nokia 5700 mobile without restarting your phone.

1. Open Now Playing
2. Open Equalizer
3. Highlight any equalizer other than ‘default’ and select options -> edit
4. From edit choose options -> exit

I wish /hope that Nokia puts the option of exiting the music player at a bit more easily accessible place in future upgrades.


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  1. U ARE AWESOME!!!!! Just got this great “old” piece of hardware (fan of the actual buttons) and have been breaking my back on finding a solution to exit the music app completely 🙂

    STILL AWESOME even 4 years later!

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