If you are looking for WMA (Windows Media Audio) or WMV (Windows Media Video) player for your Nokia Symbian mobile phone than you will be sad to hear that your choices are rather limited, there is no free player available that supports WMA or WMV files

The only option for playing WMA audio files is WMAPlus (the trial version can be downloaded from http://wmaplus.en.softonic.com/symbian )

There isn’t any player available that will pay the WMV video files on your phone and you are only left with the option of converting the media files to some supported format in order to play them on your Symbian mobile phone


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  1. the best way to play WMV on symbian system is to convert it using the Nokia PC suite. simply connect your phone to the computer which has Nokia PC Suite installed. choose PC Suite from you phone when a choice pop up on the phone screen. open media converter in the PC Suite and move the WMV file from your computer to the phone. this way you will be able to watch it on the symbian operated phone like E51, E61, N73, N95 etc.

  2. good

  3. wmv player for mobile nokia s60 v3

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