I happened to have the Intel D102GGC board since last year (with a SATA hard drive) and was unable to successfully install any Linux distribution including RHEL and SuSe 10 on it and I had practically give up the hope of using Linux under this motherboard and had turned to using Vmware for experimenting and learning Linux.

Yesterday I gave one last try by upgrading my BOIS to the latest version available at the Intel website for D102GGC board, it turned out that the version I had running that was dated back to 2005 and there were many updates available to it.

After upgrading the BIOS I one again tried to install RHEL 4 and this time everything worked out flawlessly and finally RHEL is now running fine on my system.
Please note that I also had to pass acpi=off parameter to kernel to successfully boot, other than this it was just click and forward


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