A few months (or more than just a few ) back in February I had posted about passing the LPI 101 exam, which is the 1st exam that you need to pass in order to obtain the LPI Level 1 certification. The second exam required for LPI Level 1 cert is exam 102. A few days back I also passed this exam, so I am now a proud LPI certificated professional.
I will now look for going ahead and gaining the LPIC level 2 certification , unfortunately is appears that there is not enough study books or material available to specifically prepare for the LPI 2 certification. The only Book available is O Reilly LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell , which I have not found to be very useful . The best book was LPIC I Exam Cram 2 by Que Publishing but there isn’t any LPIC 2 book in this series.

For anyone looking to prepare for the level 1 certification I will strongly recommend the Exam Cram book from Que or if you are already a advanced user of Linux than the O Reilly LPI Linux Certification book is fine as it will quickly get you through all the objectives and important commands used in the exam without emphasizing much on the underlying concepts .


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