If you are looking for WMA (Windows Media Audio) or WMV (Windows Media Video) player for your Nokia Symbian mobile phone than you will be sad to hear that your choices are rather limited, there is no free player available that supports WMA or WMV files

The only option for playing WMA audio files is WMAPlus (the trial version can be downloaded from http://wmaplus.en.softonic.com/symbian )

There isn’t any player available that will pay the WMV video files on your phone and you are only left with the option of converting the media files to some supported format in order to play them on your Symbian mobile phone

Free Juniper Study guides that will help you in preparation for your JNCIA, JNIE and JNCIS certification exams are available at http://www.juniper.net/training/certification/books.html

These are published by Sybex and the good thing is that they are available freely at the Juniper Website. Although these book seem to be outdated (because of their old publication dates) but many people have recommended them as very useful resource for the preparation even for the latest Juniper certification exams

I happened to have the Intel D102GGC board since last year (with a SATA hard drive) and was unable to successfully install any Linux distribution including RHEL and SuSe 10 on it and I had practically give up the hope of using Linux under this motherboard and had turned to using Vmware for experimenting and learning Linux.

Yesterday I gave one last try by upgrading my BOIS to the latest version available at the Intel website for D102GGC board, it turned out that the version I had running that was dated back to 2005 and there were many updates available to it.

After upgrading the BIOS I one again tried to install RHEL 4 and this time everything worked out flawlessly and finally RHEL is now running fine on my system.
Please note that I also had to pass acpi=off parameter to kernel to successfully boot, other than this it was just click and forward

If your users have KDE to logon to the system and you want to disable the visual buttons of shutdown and restart for non root users than use the following steps

Go to start menu > control center >system administration > login manager > shutdown

and select allow shutdown local to root only, this will prevent other non root users from messing around and shutting down your system.

Users may also open a terminal and bring the system down from the shutdown command (or many

of its alias like reboot/halt)so you may also need to adjust the execute permissions on these files.

While I believe that a vast majority of Windows users are still with IE6 , Microsoft has been giving clues about the launch of IE8 in early 2008, so there appears to be very short life left for IE 7. There were very high hopes and expectations from IE 7 however it turned out to be a disappointing offer from Microsoft and failed to impress the critics. Let us now pinup our hopes to the new IE and observe its offerings.

A few months (or more than just a few ) back in February I had posted about passing the LPI 101 exam, which is the 1st exam that you need to pass in order to obtain the LPI Level 1 certification. The second exam required for LPI Level 1 cert is exam 102. A few days back I also passed this exam, so I am now a proud LPI certificated professional.
I will now look for going ahead and gaining the LPIC level 2 certification , unfortunately is appears that there is not enough study books or material available to specifically prepare for the LPI 2 certification. The only Book available is O Reilly LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell , which I have not found to be very useful . The best book was LPIC I Exam Cram 2 by Que Publishing but there isn’t any LPIC 2 book in this series.

For anyone looking to prepare for the level 1 certification I will strongly recommend the Exam Cram book from Que or if you are already a advanced user of Linux than the O Reilly LPI Linux Certification book is fine as it will quickly get you through all the objectives and important commands used in the exam without emphasizing much on the underlying concepts .

by booting to windows XP I was trying to free disk space from expired Vista installation and getting errors of access is denied on trying to delete the vista files

The solution is simple,

1) just go to My Computer>Tools > Folder Options > View and uncheck the last option of use simple file sharing

2) Reboot to safe mode and right click on the folder/file you want to delete and go the sharing and security > Security > Advanced and make yourself the owner of all directory and give full permissions and you are all set for deletion of the folder/file

EDIT: I just checked again and booting to safe mode is not necessary , these steps can also be taken while running XP in normal mode

Far last many days I faced the error of packet data not available when call is active when trying to connect to the internet from my S60 Nokia phone, After a lot of troubleshooting and upgrading my firmware to the latest version the problem still persisted and as I had also given a few nasty droops to the mobile recently so I was thinking that most likely it is some glitch with the handset causing the problem but I failed to reach to any solution so I canted my operator with their intervention the problem is thankfully resolved 🙂 the problem was with the settings defined at the operator side.