I changed my resolution from 800*600 to 1280*1024, the 1280*1024 resolution works fine in XP on the same machine but in vista my monitor refused to display it and I was left with a blank screen, so I rebooted to safe mode so that I can set the resolution back, I reset the resolution in safe mode and reboot to normal mode but again a blank screen welcomes me, vista is due to some unknown reasons still bent upon displaying the 1280*1024 resolution .

I rebooted to safe mode many times and changed the resolution but it didn’t work , I went to MS website and found a faq in vista section that told you what to do if you cannot see any display because your monitor is not supporting the resolution , the only solution to this provided there was again : SAFE MODE
Which I have already tried

So what can I do now? Will I have to reinstall vista just because I changed the display settings ?


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