This is a very common problem, you pressed button 2 instead of 3 and deleted an important text message.
Can the deleted text messages or SMS be retrieved? If you are looking for a free and easy way than the answer is NO.

However some software’s are available that can recover deleted data from a SIM card
Tulp2G ( it is a freeware)

Or simcon ($99)

To use such software’s you will need to buy a sim card reader, this will be the piece of hardware in which you will insert you sim card and than connect it to the PC so that the sms retrieval software can connect to the sim

BUT before buying any sim card reader make sure to check with the vendors of the message recovery software about the compatibility of the reader with their software

I also found one website which are selling both of the things i.e. the sim reader and sms recovery software together, it is very expensive and costs about 180 euros

You must also keep in mind that none of these will guarantee you will the retrieval of data or a particular text message, this MAY or MAY NOT work depending your sim type, how often you get and delete messages, storage capacity of sim etc. Generally speaking you should avoid using your sim for any more calls or sms messages as soon as you know that you have lost an important message and want to recover it .


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