Check Gmail on Mobile

Almost all of the top notch email providers have their WAP portals from where you can login to your account and check your emails, but Google and Gmail have went one step ahead and produced a nifty java application which you can install on your mobile to access your email, it saves your account’s info so you don’t need to enter that over and over gain and has almost all the features which you can expect from a scaled own mobile application. Loads cleanly and quickly and also saves you money as you only transfer the necessary information given that the application which renders to information is already there at your mobile. It also much more secure than FastMail WAP access as I have noticed that Fastnail WAP access keeps your username and password is kept in the URL all the time without any sort of encoding or hiding, so anyone who has access to the server logs or even someone who can see your browsing history can see your account details in plain text.


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