Finally my dsl connection is working ( for how long , I don’t know ) as even this dsl connection is only 128K so If I start downloading something than all the bandwidth is consumed by downloading and my browsing just dies out, I want some software that can help me do divide the bandwidth between different applications like it can reserve 64k for dap and 64k for browsing.

I had came across such software once but unfortunately I don’t remember its name now and all my searches have proved to give not relevant results.

I had installed vista on my computer which has xp running, now vista is asking for an activation key ( which I don’t have 🙂 )
so I just want to get rid of this crap from my computer and free up some disk space, I had installed vista in the save drive as Windows XP

but in windows XP the files of vista are no where to be seen, I you installed XP and 98 on the same computer than you could browse each other files

Can anyone help me to find my lost windows vista ?

What to expect for others when even the BBC news Homepage is broken in this latest venture to Windows world by Apple

Just have a look at the picture below

Safari Broken

My zoom adsl modem x4 is showing some abnormal behavior which I am not able to understand. I have having problems in getting synched with my ISP. The link light of the modem keeps itself stable as long as I don’t connect the modem to the computer as soon as I do so it loses the sync; I have tested on different computers and the behavior of modem is same.

I talked to the zoom online support and they don’t have any clue about this and just *suspect* a hardware fault in modem.

The funny thing is that modem itself started working fine after showing this problem for 5 days.

I just had a power outage and as a result my outlook express has gone corrupt, it still downloads new messages, shows their previews and message list but I can’t open or reply to them or see my address book. Restarting the computer also didn’t help.

It seems that I have no choice other than reinstalling outlook express.

Yes, Apple has launched its much coveted browser Safari for the Windows platform!
It was released just two days ago and it has been reported that the Windows version has already hit 1 million downloads.

Apple with its style and appearance had always appealed to me so I was quick to download and install it on my Windows XP machine. My first reaction was not so positive as frankly speaking the grayish looking browser was not a match to what I had imagined and many of the websites that I visited were broken by Safari. Even my WordPress Admin page is not opening up for some strange reason.
I have not used safari on MAC so I can’t say that how good it is as compare to its MAC version. It is still in Beta so we can hope for improvement in future.

Almost all of the top notch email providers have their WAP portals from where you can login to your account and check your emails, but Google and Gmail have went one step ahead and produced a nifty java application which you can install on your mobile to access your email, it saves your account’s info so you don’t need to enter that over and over gain and has almost all the features which you can expect from a scaled own mobile application. Loads cleanly and quickly and also saves you money as you only transfer the necessary information given that the application which renders to information is already there at your mobile. It also much more secure than FastMail WAP access as I have noticed that Fastnail WAP access keeps your username and password is kept in the URL all the time without any sort of encoding or hiding, so anyone who has access to the server logs or even someone who can see your browsing history can see your account details in plain text.

Yes you can unpack a tar archive which has gz / bz or any other UNIX native form of compression from SSH or telnet but if you upload a zipped archive to your server than uncompressing/extracting it is not always simple and sometimes not even possible.

The only way that I have found is via PHP, but for that the server must support PHP unzip function, you make a simple php script that tells the sever to unzip the archive.

You cannot unzip directly from SSH unless you have the unzip package installed, which most of the server don’t have.
Unzip or extracting from FTP is not possible as FTP is only a file transfer protocol and is very restricted in what it can do.

Now that is a very basic thing! But it is not that simple when you are doing it for the 1st time and you don’t have much knowledge of scripting.
Suppose you want to write a script that counts that in how many lines the name of certain fruit came in a file

From command line you can do this by

grep –c   apples datafile.txt  

Now if you many things that you need to count then you will have to type the above commands for each of them but this can be also done through a small script but the question is that if I have many different data files than how I run the same script on all of them? The answer is in $1, $1 is the 1st parameter given from the command line to the script (which would be the name of data file in our case


grep -c  apples $1
grep -c mango   $1
grep -c orange   $1

save the above script in a file ‘myscript’ set execute permissions and than for any datafile you can all the script by

./myscript  datafile

There are many websites out there which provide you web forms where you put in your yahoo deails and find out if a person ( usually ex girlfriend or boy friend ) is online or offline but
why risk your username and password with a 3rd site when you can do it safely. The best solution is They provide a small software ( or more correctly a tool) that you can download and install, than login through that tool directly to yahoo servers to scan for a yahoo ID.

Best thing is that you can also set it to scan automatically after fixed intervals and keep history of all the results. This way you can easily tell that when a person logged in and when they went offline . Buddy spy also scans a user chat room and webcam status and can play a sound if a user is found online.
And it is free