I have come across a very handy and dangerous tool
http://www.download3k.com/Protected-Storage-PassView/Download-Free-pspv.zip.html it is a tool which reveals all the passwords stored in Internet explorer, not only the passwords but it also reveals the web forums that you had completed and the data stored in them and the outlook express accounts passwords. I had run this on my PC and the results scared me, the output had just too much private data about me, however one problem is that this tool does not yet work with IE 7, if you have upgraded from IE6 than running of this tool will only reveal the passwords which you saved while using IE6

Problem in the PC power supply can do crazy things, my new PC was behaving abnormally for many days and like it was getting restarted automatically, used to hang in the middle of no where and sometimes even failed to power up when I pressed the power button. There were strange chewing sounds coming out of the hard disk and I was very confused, After a puzzled period of many days.. I have finally come to the conclusion that an uneven supply of output by the computer power supply is the root of all these problems, cause of the noise from hard disk was also the power supply, the noise only came when the power supply was supplying irregular current and there was no problem with hard disk as it worked fine while on other PC and the problematic computer also restarted/hanged when I kept it running by taking the hard disk out