You can enable or disable the mail notification in a terminal window by the command biff

biff -y   enable the mail notifications

biff -n disables the mail notifications

History file in Linux is the file in which the command history is stored, it is created in the home directory of every user, e.g. in case the user is Joe and his home directory is /home/Joe than the file will be /home/Joe/.bash_history

You can also find the path to your history file using the command $HISTFILE , if it is not set than the command history is not saved when an interactive shell exits

You can open and extract the content from gzipped in Windows easily using WinRAR however you cannot create a gzip archive in Winodws using WinRAR, a good tool which can be used to both create and open gzip files in windows is Powerzip, you can get its trial version from

Powerzip can also be used to work with bz2 archives in windows