I have been using Fastmail.fm as my primary email provider for many years now and I am pretty much satisfied by their service, some things which I find really cool by fastmail is their slick and fast web interface and ability to use IMAP for free. However recently things have started to change and they have now added banner ads to their web interface, they were initially saying that the banners will always remain non intrusive and limited to text links but now you can see them serving animated ads. This will be definitely a turn off for a lot of people who has been using Fastmail since long . Fastmail has even failed to keep up with the big providers in the war for email space. Even the Fastmail account which comes with a one time payment has a mere 16 MB of web space, 16 MB and that too when you are paying or it just like peanuts these days. I can bet that in the coming years Fastmail will have a tough time surviving against big players like Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail , they definitely need to rethink their business model.


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