dmesg command

The messages that appear on the screen while Linux in booting are saved in a file named /var/log/dmesg these messages can again be view for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes etc either by displaying the file /var/log/dmesg or by simply giving the command dmesg at the prompt

du command in Linux is used too check the amount of disk space being used by a directory and its sub directories , if we give the du command without specifying a directory than the commands work for r the pwd or the directory in which we are working currently

Here are some of the switches than can be used with the du command

du -a Shows counts for all files and directories.
du -b Displays size in bytes.
du -c Prints a total for all arguments after they are processed.
du -h Creates human readable output, appending letters such as M for megabytes.
du -k Displays size in kilobytes.
du -m Displays size in megabytes.
du -s Displays a summary total for each argument.
du -x Skips directories containing file systems other than the one contained in the argument

I have been using as my primary email provider for many years now and I am pretty much satisfied by their service, some things which I find really cool by fastmail is their slick and fast web interface and ability to use IMAP for free. However recently things have started to change and they have now added banner ads to their web interface, they were initially saying that the banners will always remain non intrusive and limited to text links but now you can see them serving animated ads. This will be definitely a turn off for a lot of people who has been using Fastmail since long . Fastmail has even failed to keep up with the big providers in the war for email space. Even the Fastmail account which comes with a one time payment has a mere 16 MB of web space, 16 MB and that too when you are paying or it just like peanuts these days. I can bet that in the coming years Fastmail will have a tough time surviving against big players like Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail , they definitely need to rethink their business model.

The computer which I had bought last month has strangely failed to power up any more, I have checked the power cables/ lead extensions etc and they look fine. It seems that there is some problem with the power supply of the computer. I don’t even know if it is covered by warranty or not! I will keep you posted about this

A few years ago using MSN messenger from office or schools was really a head ache as the MSN messenger client is mostly blocked by the governing IT policies of these places, I remember that I used to search the internet madly to find a way around this blockage and used software’s like odigo messenger, which were very unreliable and slow to use. Today with the emergence of MSN Web Messenger and tools like e-messenger by, accessing MSN messenger from office or schools is no longer a problem, in fact with e-messenger you can also use the other two popular IM protocols i.e. Yahoo! and AIM. Best of these web based messengers is Google’s Gtalk, Gmail automatically signs you into Gtalk messenger while you are checking your mail account, so you can easily access the chat features at any place where you have access to your mails.