The other day I was trying to connect to my Suse Linux box from Windows via SSH and had already connect the two by Ethernet cable , I was able to ping both machines from each other but SSH (I was using Putty in Windows) was not working from Windows and I was getting the error that “Network error: connection timed out”

On investigation I found that it was the Suse’s firewall which was causing all trouble, I disabled it and SSH started working perfectly
So If you are having the same problem than please do check for the firewall in Suse as it is enabled by default

If you have a WebSTAR DPX USB Cable Modem and you are using it with the usb connector and are having unexpected computer crashes than be aware that this is due to a bug in the webstar usb modem driver which causes Windows to get unstable
Download the latest driver from here

and after upgrade the problem will be resolved
To find that which modem type of webstar modem is installed on your system just usw the link