The maximum size that you can have for a file in Windows depends on your Windows version and on the file system that you are using. FAT16 has a 2GB file size limit and FAT32 has 4GB as its limit. Normal files for home users usually don’t get this large however an exception to this is Microsoft Outlook PST file whose size can quickly grow and reach the maximum limits in FAT

With NTFS you don’t have any practical limit for the maximum file size and the file size is limited only by the maximum size of the volume.The theoretical maximum possible file size for NTFS file system is set at 16 exabytes, 1 exabtye is equal to 2^60 bytes and having this amount of data has not been practically possible till now

As we are just discussing today about deleting things so I will also tell you that how can you delete your Yahoo account, the procedure is pretty simple just visit this webpage and login with your yahoo user name and password to proceed with the deletion of the yahoo account. However be sure about it as once you close it all your mails and contacts in the account will be lost and you wont be able to reactivate the account.

If you are using Google toolbar than you can delete the Google search history from the Toolbar by Clicking on the Icon of Google at the left most of the Toolbar and than select the option for clearing the search history.

If you want to delete the search items which appear on the Google search page, like on the Google homepage search box whenever you will type ā€˜cā€™ all the items searched which start with alphabet ā€˜cā€™ will appear in the drop down list, to delete any individual item you can just highlight it by moving your cursor and than press the delete button to remove it

IMO AVG Anti virus is the best anti virus tool that you can get for free, I have been using it for many months now and I am very much satisfied with its performance, best thing about AVG is that it is also very light over system as compared to Norton or MacAfee so it is also recommend who are running a bit old computers. Updates are also automatic and install themselves up on daily basis. It also has a built in email scan facility which scan outgoing and incoming POP3 mail messages for viruses.

A one word answer to this question is Encryption. Basically both Telnet and SSH are terminal emulators and are used to access your system remotely, means that you can login you system through internet or over a network and issue commands. SSH just encrypts your connection to the remote machine so when you send your password or commands over the network someone else cannot sniff the packets and interpret your password as it in encoded while if you are using Telnet than all your passwords and information will be transferred over the network as plain text and some rogue party can easily interpret that through packet sniffers

If you want to play MP3’s in Linux than a very simple and straight
forward solution is that you install real player for Linux, which is
available for download from real’s official website. It comes with the
support of MP3 by default and will save you from a lot of trouble in
finding and configuring mp3 plug-In’s for other Linux players

I have been trying Suse since last ten days or so, I just have this bad habit of trying different distros for a few weeks and than I am back in Windows. However this time I seriously want to learn more about Linux/Unix. Hopefully I will stick to working in Linux this time and will also post what I learn with time .