I did mange to grab a Windows Live Messenger invite from someone but the problem is that when I click on the link in the invite to download the Live messenger it first takes me to a Microsoft Passport login page and when I login an error page is displayed saying

” Hmm, I think you have a bad URL. Can you go back and check it and try again? ”

I wonder what’s wrong!


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  1. the imax @ 2006-04-13 19:14

    Well I did manage to get a working Live Messenger invite, however It didn’t impress me much and I am back on the old MSN Messenger. I also gave a try to the new windows Live mail and that too was a bit too heavy for my 64K connection, so no more Live mail for me

  2. I got the “bad URL” message too, and (after googling the phrase) we are nowhere near alone in this. Just another Microsoft stuff-up? I wonder if they’ll ever get ANYTHING to work properly?

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