I did mange to grab a Windows Live Messenger invite from someone but the problem is that when I click on the link in the invite to download the Live messenger it first takes me to a Microsoft Passport login page and when I login an error page is displayed saying

” Hmm, I think you have a bad URL. Can you go back and check it and try again? ”

I wonder what’s wrong!

No more boring ring-ring .. PRBT or Personalized Ring Back Tone is a new Value added service which allows the mobile subscriber to select a Personalized tone or song for the incoming calls.

Different tones can be defined for different people. PRBT also allows you to record a personalized message or song for the incoming callers

So now we have another thing in mobiles with which you can play. I can expect PRBT to get pretty popular as more and more cellular operators launh it

If you ever had some weird problem while deleting a particular contact in
MSN messenger than a simple work around is that you open your MSN
and go the contacts section and click on Messenger and from here select
and delete the contact
I used this to delete one contact which I was never able to remove from
the MSN messenger client itself as whenever I selected to delete it a message
after a while ” … could not be deleted” anyway this contact is gone
now πŸ™‚

Now how often does that happen? you are browsing from IE and signup at a website enter a new password and select the password remember option, after a few days you try to login at that website using Firefox and than you don’t have any clue that what was the password.
You can still logon IE as it has the saved password but still its important to actually remember the password and use Firefox πŸ™‚

A tool like Asterisk Key comes in handy at these times and can be used to reveal the hidden passwords with might appear as Dots or Asterisks and the best thing is that it is free. You can get your copy from http://www.lostpassword.com/f/downloads/ariskkey/ariskkey.exe