Ever wonder what is the purpose of that ‘thumbs.db’ file that you come across very often in Windows XP? It is basically a small database caching the thumbnails of images present in its parent folder.
You can disable it from the ‘View’ tab in ‘Folder Options’ by checking the “Do not cache thumbnails” Option.


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  1. I tried your idea about how to disable thumbs in my XP pictures, and there is no option available that says, “Do not cache thumbnails”. Any other ideas?

  2. the imax @ 2006-01-12 19:11

    It is available 🙂
    Go to your control Panel, Click on Folder Options than go to the ‘View’ tab . It is the 7th option from the top and you will get rid of thumbs.db

  3. Can you delete away this file without causing a problem to the operational aspect of window or file access?

  4. yes, you can
    no issues at all

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