Remember the G Browser rumor ? the new news is that Google to Buy Opera
Yep this has been flying around in many forums and tech news websites. Recently Google has been madly promoting Firfox so if it actually buys Opera than it will create a very interesting situation.
In any case this means trouble for MS 🙂

If you are looking for a free Wave to mp3 converter than CDex is a great one
It is free and also comes with a CD ripper.
You can download it from Sourceforge

1st it was Skype and eBay, than Yhaoo! and BT and now MSN Joins hands with MCI to get a share in the emerging VoIP market.

Ever heard of self destruct email messages? Well the news is that the SMS messages are now also going to get self destruct enabled. This will mean that now the message sender will be in control of the messages even after it is sent and will be able to destroy their message on will, anytime.
This technology is based on WAP and a basically when a message a sent it won’t be directly delivered to the inbox of the receiver, in fact only a link to the SMS message will be pushed to mobile subscriber who will than retrieve the message by going to that link.

I wonder that than you will also be able to track that how many times was your SMS message opened and for how long it was viewed etc?

Did you know ? you can’t upload a file through Telnet

Nothing smart about this but I didn’t knew this previously 🙁

Ever wonder what is the purpose of that ‘thumbs.db’ file that you come across very often in Windows XP? It is basically a small database caching the thumbnails of images present in its parent folder.
You can disable it from the ‘View’ tab in ‘Folder Options’ by checking the “Do not cache thumbnails” Option.