I am not; I think that Opera is much better than both Firefox and IE, although for my day to day browsing I usually only use IE just because of the Google toolbar and some other stuff.
And if you dont know, Opera too is free now and is without any ads or promotional banners.

Firefox 1.5 was released today, I have yet to try it, I had found all the previous versions to be too heavy to run on my machine so I also don’t expect much from this release, I also don’t like all its extensions blocking ads from appearing on webpages.

AVG Antivirus
I have been using the free edition for about 4 months now and I am very much satisfied by its performance, best thing about it is that it does not hog down my old Pentium like other resource heavy Antivirus software’s like Norton and MacAfee.
The auto update feature is pretty good and the overall product is very stable
Recommended for everyone 🙂

Google had bought Urchin back in March this year and now as expected it has started to give out its stats for free, anyone can signup and put code in their pages to get them tacked by Google.
Although Google already have all the stats for websites running adwords and Adsense but still I am a bit reluctant to put the stats code in my pages, it feel like giving too much information in Google’s hands, may be I am becoming too sceptical of things

Meanwhile all the webmasters had gone crazy after Google Analytics so for now Google had to suspended its signups for sometime… may be they need to add some more servers

Oh yeah, it has hurt me too, I am seeing huge drop in rankings for my established websites, SERPs have been really strange for almost 15 days now. I can see directory sites and even Yahoo! Groups without any members ranking over me with keywords for which I have been optimizing for well over a year.

The results have not settled down yet, when they do I just hope that they are not as bad as they are right now.
Everyone wish me luck for SERPs 🙂